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What is a Haystack Word Search?

In a Haystack Word Search, the words are jumbled up in puzzles made only of the same letters as those in the words you’re searching for.

There are only a few different letters in each puzzle.

Words are hidden in every direction, and cross and overlap each other.

Because you're looking for letters in among a jumble that are similar to what you're looking for, it adds more fun, brings more mental stimulation and trains your brain that bit extra, as well as increasing your vocabulary and word skills!


Why is it called 'Haystack' Word Search?

Why ‘Haystack’ Word Search? Because when it was first invented, puzzlers have likened it to ‘finding a needle in a haystack’, and the name stuck!

Don’t worry though, a Haystack Word Search not really as difficult as literally finding a needle in a haystack, although it certainly is a new and interesting challenge!


Why not try it out for yourself? These puzzlers did, and they love it!

“a great twist on a classic word puzzle”

— Will G., UK


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